You've just got engaged. That heady feeling of love is fresh in the air. Next up it's time to begin planning your big day; what venue, which dress, who will cater for of the most important parts of your day will be your wedding photographer, because at the end of the day you will want to be able to look at your photos with joy, to remember every aspect of the day fondly. It's important to get the right person for the job, so here's a few tips to ensure that you and your photographer click!



It's important to have a connection with your photographer, so meet them and have an informal chat before signing anything. Find out their passions, and their willingness to listen to your ideas. A good photographer will be able to provide previous references and photographs to show you in person what their work looks like.


The first photographer you speak to may seem perfect, but it's always worth casting your eye around and getting a few different quotes, as this will help you to gauge if what the photographer is quoting for goods and services is fair. Look at the quality of the promised products, whether it be wedding albums, framed prints, or even USB drives.


When you do find that perfect photographer, remember that you can change elements of what they may be offering in order to fit their quote into your budget for the day. Don't let a photographer try to convince you that that leather-bound Italian handmade album is what you want if it isn't. It's your day, so the end product is yours too.


It's easy to leave communicating with the photographer as an afterthought, especially when you've got so many other elements of your wedding to organise. But keeping in touch with your photographer will ensure that they know you value their contribution, and encourages them to produce their best work. Don't be just another client to them, give them a reason to treat you as their only client!